Monday, July 21, 2008

Where'd he go??

Well, the sore throat has gone. The pain in the neck has (almost)gone. And Vince has gone!

His mission of mercy could not have been better timed. I had been seriously close to losing the proverbial It. As he said, sometimes your body just tells you to stop, and I'd been ignoring its little yelps. How do you stop when everyone wants a garden, anyway? So one thing at a time, new motto. And I always have a black furry shoulder to lean on. Not as broad as Vince's, but still comforting.

There was eating and drinking and a memorable trip to Hell, I mean Coney Island, all about which, later. For now, he flies West, and for now he remains the most loved and welcomed visitor that Estorbo and I know.

Oh. And for the security people who confiscated this afternoon Vince's one jar of redcurrant and other of black raspberry jam - they are SO not liquids, dudes! I hope you are eating them. I did not make them to be thrown away. Local fruit, local labour. Ay. Could you not at least have fed a spoonful to a test beagle to see if he would have blown up?


  1. Agh SIESTOG julle twee! And the jam - where WAS that Beagle when you needed him/her most?? Liquid schmiquid (I am tempted to add 'se g*t' but that might be classified as 'offensive content'). The eyes are rolling skyward. Sterkte, Marie! (Beence, she will translate :-))

  2. Pee Ess: Mooi haare!

  3. So soon, so quick!? Gone already! How sad! How folorn you guys look!
    My fingers are crossed for the rest...

  4. I'm afraid to report the TSA agent looked about as interested in my jam as he would have been in a pair of dirty socks. It was wasted for everyone. Idiots. But I, at least, have the memories. I can still taste them... Wow.

    Now can I get a garden? It's not liquid.

  5. Any time, woman, any time. Just don't leave me to desiccate outside for hours again... And no more lamb!

  6. Jane - bloody beagle.

    Sigrid/Brig - thank you, :-)

    Beence - bloody beagle xxx

    Furry shoulder - you are so overly dramatic. Fruit-eater.


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