Friday, October 5, 2012

The salad bar

Almost all of the roof farm pots have been turned over to greens, now. A hold out pepper, a tenacious Mexican Heirloom tomato, and one ground cherry must be dealt with. Frankly, I dread shucking all the ground cherries. But I must, I must: ground cherry crumble, you see. The dessert, I mean. Not imminent collapse.

And two milk crates must be re-lined and filled with soil.

Currently, there are three pots of fava beans (for leaves, as I keep saying, but it bears repeating), two pots of peas (shoots), three pots of Swiss chard  one under siege by a zillion Nicotiana seedlings, two pots of kale, in staggered sowings, a trough of rather sad mesclun, a pot of lively red oak leaf lettuce, a pot of red mustard and a lot of volunteer trout lettuce. I think that's it. Oh, and two pots of nasturtiums, which have recuperated. They really do prefer the cooler months.

And! Parsnips. I planted parsnips.

Over and out.

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