Thursday, October 11, 2012

October garrrrrdening

What did I do?

I wore a sweater. That is now necessary.

Then, with a very ineffective pair of scissors - above - I snipped and clipped the poor little Mexican Heirloom tomato and now it is Gone. I was very scratched in the process as the black raspberry had rooted an arm in its container. I didn't feel like going back down to the apartment to fetch the Felcos. And I want a decent pair of scissors. I think I'll treat myself to a pair of Fiskers.

Then I weeded the pot with the white currant. Lots of little irritating weeds whose name I don't know. A tiny, yellow-hearted (yeller-hearted) daisy flower. Opposite leaves.

I sowed red romaine for more small salad greens, and I sowed the rest of the mesclun. I said bad things about squirrels. I chewed  a few frilly kale leaves. I thought about the flock of northern flickers I came upon in Green-Wood Cemetery the day before yesterday. That was wonderful. I knew - thought I knew - that they were woodpeckers, but what were they dong on the grass? I had to check with the naturalist neighbor after looking them up in my bird book, and he confirmed their identity. I'd say 50, 60 birds. Extremely wary of humans. Beautiful. A high, pizzicato pic! pic! pic! in the trees.

On the roof in the falling evening I watched the local flock of pigeons wheeling from its roof where their owner keeps them in rooftop coop and flies them twice daily.

I picked four strawberries and ate them.

I wondered whether I should feed seaweed fertilizer to my greens. They are actively growing, after all.

Should I?
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