Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sitting down to eat

"DINNER SERVICE Even if it’s just me for dinner, I set the table, place mat, flatware, linen napkin, the right choice of wine glass, and I do an actual service for myself. I never eat standing up, I never eat in front of the refrigerator. I treat myself very formally with meals. I don’t watch TV or read. It’s a little bit of a ritual, and it’s more enjoyable. And if there’s one other person, there’s more to talk about because it’s not just me talking to myself."

Mark Morris, Choreographer, to John Leland, for the New York Times' Sunday Routine

I like this guy.

You sit down for a meal, something happens. To you, to your body, to your relationship with food, with yourself and with the person/s who might be there, too.

And if you never do, something else happens. And that ain't good. Sure as eggs is eggs.

Now sit down and have some mulberry pie. Bring a fork.
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