Monday, June 25, 2012

English roses and old milk bottles

These flowers are not in the house, technically. They are outside, on the terrace. They come from the terrace, too. The Verbena bonariensis is very invasive so I try to cut its flowers before they drop and blow their seed all over the place. I should probably not pick the roses, but I can't help it, really.

Find more flowers in other houses at Small but Charming.


  1. I see you are on the chain gang with a lovely combination of beautiful things. Sweet.

  2. You must have heard me crooning "come on Marie I know you have 66 square feet of flowers blooming".

    Thanks for heeding the call.

    xo jane

  3. Just lovely! I always put flowers outside on my tables. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space!

  4. Don't think I would've shown much self-restraint in the to-pick-or-not dilemma either.. They're beautiful. Loved your post on street flowers, too. Am thinking I need more colour in the garden.. missed planting time for the sweetpeas, alas, but thankfully spring is just around the corner(or so we like to tell ourselves).

  5. Thanks, everyone - thanks for having us over, Jane. Loved the snacks :-)

    Bow Street - Abraham Darby...still a pretty clunky name for a wonderful rose.

  6. Kinda love that verbena though Marie, in spite of its desperate need to seed - it adds a different dimension with its height. I have it growing (and reproducing) in amongst/above cerinthe major purpurescens and catmint under my front windows :)

  7. Love the verbena (even if it is a bully). I think we have voted that your 66 sf are officially part of your living space, so they definitely count!


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