Thursday, September 15, 2011


All the fall crops have been planted. I may have been a bit late with some of them, but time will tell. They are heavy on the Brassicas, and I am hopeful about the kale and mustard component. The planting drink is gin and bitter lemon. The best roof drink, ever, I think.

I knew there was a reason to eat so many Edy's Fruit Bars - frozen fruit ice lollies. I needed the sticks! They are my after-supper summer habit. I like pineapple and pomegranate best. Vince prefers lime. The cat is indifferent to both and wishes we would eat more white peaches.

Lambert's sea rocket seeds arrived in the mail yesterday.

Can't wait to start this experiment. Merci, Laurent!


  1. Happy sowing!!! We planted our "fall" garden last weekend. Broccoli and Georgia collards. We sowed several different types of "greens" Mustard, kale and turnip just the other day. Let's hope this planting is better that our spring/summer crops. Love your rooftop!!

  2. Dies 'n plesier. Keep me posted!


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