Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October terrace

Looking a little thin.

I cut down and took out the Verbena bonariensis in the left hand corner, and the rose in that corner will follow suit.No chives (chive oil victim) and the fig, winter cress, calamintha and strawberries battered by that hailstorm. The calamintha is usually still full of flowers but they were knocked off. Poor bees. I see them sucking thirstily at the few Thai basil flowers that are left.

The yellow thing on the street is a pipe left over from street digging by the gas company, National Grid. It's been there for two weeks.

Back on the terrace the squirrel has been franticaly busy, burying nuts in every pot, and quite bold. This evening I took picures of him drinking from the pool on Raccoon House's roof.
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