Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is a garden?

1st Place, Carroll Gardens. It's a windowbox. I get it.

Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights. Phone-pruning. Still on familiar territory.

Above, the other end of my street, Henry Street in Carroll Gardens. Someone has high hopes for these boxwoods. The pots are enormous. Clearly a love of variegation going on here. I wonder what I would have thought if, when I first watched Moonstruck, still one of my favourite movies, I'd been told, One day you'll live it that neighbourhood...this is near the bakery where Nick Cage threw bread! bread! bread! into the oven.

2nd Place. The pebbly beach effect. Well, it's weed-free, low maintenance and it glows in the dark. Note conspicuous expanses of mulch between plants.

2nd Place. My favourite. Red mulch like sands in the desert, a prickly plant to add the Palm Springs touch, a pruned juniper to let everyone know that this area has been Landscaped, and actual fish swimming round around inside the stacked stones.

Begonia fountain! Also on 2nd Place. Remember the quotation about begonias being a state of mind, and a regrettable state at that? I think this is what Beverley Nichols meant. But it's an awfully nice lawn.

There is nothing ironic about these flamingoes or the host of gnomes on the other side of the centre tree. It's like the artichoke dip on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver: they mean it.

Very rich pickings along the Places in Carroll Gardens. A lot of Italian inhabitants, still. There's even an old mafia hang-out eating house on Court Street. But the days of flavour are numbered. Good taste will arrive and wipe differences away.

Of course, the title of this post should really be, What is beautiful? Or, What does a garden mean: To you, her, him, them, me? I am genuinely interested in the red mulch/koi pond landscape. Because that's what it is. Says so loud and clear. I'd like to talk to the flamingo people.

Maybe I will...
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