Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shooting RAW

Shooting RAW is new to me.

Vincent has a new camera, which meant that I got to play with his old one. I belong to the Results Count School (founded by my father...full name: Results Count, Excuses Don't), which would pronounce that the quality of image is what matters, not the machine that captured it in the first place.

But it's, well, embarrassing showing up with your point-and-shoot when people are either paying you money for pictures, or when subjects or hosts are expecting Photography to happen.

So, clearly I have an ego problem. Big voice, small willy.

Carrying around a big willy the other day made me feel important, but it was very...cumbersome. I like the little Canon SD880 that hides in my hand. I whip it out, point, shoot and I'm off. With the big one, well, it's more of a spectacle. And it gets in the way.

Then there is the issue of macro. The little one has it. The big one needs a special lens.

However. There's something about the big one. I like the results. And it's fun. I can't help smiling when I'm pointing it at things.

So here, with no captions or explanations are some of the originally RAW, now processed, images I shot some weeks ago at the BBG, on the memorable 90' day when I planted more rows of sweet potato vine than I care to remember. Maybe one day I'll post a picture of them, but right now the memory is too fresh I am still traumatised.

Herewith, pictures. They will probably not look too different from what I've been doing. But they feel different. To me. I have a long way to go, and I would appreciate another ten hours in each day, but...,blablabla.

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