Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring tasks

March, then and now. In like a lion, out like a black cat.

1. Plant instant spring pots for steps of brownstone.

2. Tuck violas into rose pots.

3. Transplant chive seedling volunteers to new pots. You can never have too many chives, and I love their flowers.

4. Thin arugula seedlings.

5. Sow moonflowers and heirloom morning glories for a SoHo roof garden that must be planted in April. I do not usually plant these rampant annual vines. I have my reasons.

6. (This for Constanza) Paint nasty beige wall bright pink (the brown shadow near the top is where Estorbo braces his front feet when he jumps down to the stone table from the roof).

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  1. 7. Encouraged the single spinach seed that has germinated.


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