Friday, March 6, 2009

I knows it when I sees it

This was the graffiti truck last November, parked, as it often is, on Forsyth Street.

Below is its new incarnation. It's had facelift. done.


  1. Classic! Looks like a splash of welcome colour in a world of snow.
    It's been 40 degrees in CT the last 2 days - argh! I feel like a pap blom....

  2. I love graffiti on trucks. They've done a nice job.

  3. Marijke! How are you?! - yes, my mom told me about the heat and the smoke - it sounds terrible. My dad's doing The Argus on Sunday. Bid vir hom...

    Lisa - yes, me too, like moving canvasses.

  4. I like this sort of thing! Mind you, I'm not entirely sure about the VW combi I saw this morning, painted thus:WILD BEAVER! And assorted other stuff I couldn't read . Sadly, it turned left and we had to follow the tow truck with our other car.


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