Monday, July 4, 2011

Wild mushrooms for breakfast

A handful of tiny black trumpet mushrooms gathered from Ellen and Michael's moss lawn became breakfast this morning, with local hen eggs, imported parmesan, and thyme from the garden.

And now we shall leave the ferns and tall trees, the quiet lake, the fireflies winking like Christmas lights in last night's dark woods, and return to Brooklyn for fireworks and a picnic on the roof.


  1. You're very brave for trying those mushrooms. What did they taste like?

  2. Lucky you.

    There's something very satisfying about foraged food. Yum.

  3. Hi Thomas/Groundhog Warrior

    Not brave, just informed :-) I was with an experienced forger who knows them well. Add to that a stack of books to help me when I am alone, and then you know what they are and how to id them.

    Hey Rob - it's a bit like a treasure hunt.

  4. I live in Oregon now, but have never yet found a truffle.

  5. That my friend is a luxurious life you're living- local eggs, foraged mushrooms with appropriately enough, imported cheese? My mouth is watering...


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