Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Over New York Harbor, from the roof. This new building on the right has really messed with the view of the gantry cranes. The blimp sailed fast, south and downstream, then turned laboriously and struggled at an angle back up into the wind, then turned, and sailed downstream again. It was advertising Direct TV.


  1. I meant to tell you, ages ago, that the cranes always make me think of giraffes.But excavators make me think of dinosaurs, so maybe I'm weird?

    and the word ver is whedi

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  3. wow! such a cool shot. love everything about this.

  4. The rest of us outside NYC saw the blimp later on, on TV doing the air shots of the Macy's fireworks. The fireworks were, of course, spectacular and exciting. Your photo is beautiful and serene.
    My favorite pictures from the fireworks show were those of the huge crowd, so hugely diverse, yet celebrating together.

  5. The blimp looks like a whale!


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