Thursday, July 28, 2011

Red Fruit

I may have an addiction problem. I can't stop eating the red fruits of July.

(Raspberries, red currants and bourbon cherries are from Wilklow Orchards.)

The currants are now three very big pots of jam (with raspberries).

Cherries. I bottled some with bourbon, and then I made my third cherry clafoutis of summer.





  1. yummy, it's currently winter in the southern hemisphere so I will have to wait until summer for these fruits.

  2. Looks so simple, no excuse for me not to make one.

  3. I have discovered a tree laden with crabapples on a long dog walk in a beautiful green and pleasant place, UK. What would you recommend I do with this bounty when they are ready? Apart from jelly?
    Thanks in advance for any ideas

  4. Anonymoose - enjoy winter :-)

    Lambert - and...?

    Thanks, D - and it was...

    jelli - hm, I've only ever made the jelly, the fruit is so tart and mealy, otherwise. But you could try your hand at wine making?

  5. Wat is die resep vir jou kersie bourbon? xx

  6. Hi Arcadia! Nee, ek weet nie. 'n Klomp kersies en genoeg dop :-)plus 'n bietjie suiker, en baie as jy 'n stroperige cordial wil he...Werk baie goed met brandewyn.


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