Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dinner and a drink

Tomatoes and cucumber from the roof, basil in the pesto from the terrace and roof, our summer garlic, too.

Somebody else's pine nuts (Spain, not China; Chinese ones give me that horrible two-week bitter mouth syndrome).

Drink, Noilly Prat and splash of St Germain, lemon, ice.



  1. I was reading the Metro section of the NYT this morning, an article about foraging in Prospect Park in Brooklyn (my daughter is moving, today, into an apt just a few blocks north of the park, which is probably why I read the article so carefully). Are you the "Marie Viljoen" quoted in the article? I love this quote b/c it captures so well what I face year in and year out: foraging deer: "It's a little alarmist to think that a park is going to be mowed down like a herd of deer went through."

  2. Pam beat me to it. I see that you are now famous or infamous or on the Park Department's Most Wanted list.

    But at least a mention in the NYT along with your column at Edible Manhattan. Should be a boost for your readership.

  3. What is Noilly Prat Marie? I have never heard of it.

  4. Basil sings Summer to me.

    A little vermouth doesn't go amiss either.

  5. Hi Pam J, yes that was me.

    Karen - Considering how much litter I remove from a public park, I hope they cut me some slack! Ticket the litterers, not the occasional, environmentally-aware forager!

    Teri, I should have explained - it's a brand of vermouth - dry, white, very good.

    Rob - yes, doesn't it? I love vermouth in summer, with a slice of lemon, or a splash of Cassis...

  6. at the risk of being too personal, how is your blossom end rot?


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