Monday, July 11, 2011

July flowers

The strawberries keep on strawberrying, the roses are hot and small. The cilantro and Thai basil were picked last night for the first time and eaten with banh mi (made with leaf wrap filling, this time), along with lots of mint. Time to do something with the summer savoury.

The Dunyzades and the nameless yellow lily are in full bloom. One wonders what is next. There is a lot of summer left. This is the unflattering view of the terrace, Friedrich-dominated. Though what we would do without the airconditioner on a day like today...

I am thinking of asking the landlord whether he would consider sponsoring some cans of silver paint for the roof. It has been spottily painted over two third's of its surface and every little blackness that shows through sucks up and retains the sun's heat which heats our rooftop eyrie unbearably. In our neighbour's apartment - we share a wall -  where we were feeding and amusing  her cats last week while she was on vacation, I noticed a considerable difference in temperature. Her building's roof is beautifully silver.

Then there is the maxim to consider: Let sleeping landlords lie?


  1. We've been growing winter savory here for a few years and it's lovely - pickable all year round, in our temperate Pacific NW climate. Hope your summer version is delish.

  2. Your balcony is amazing, so lush! It's wonderful what you've achieved in such a small space.

  3. Banh mi in leaf wraps, wonderful.

    You get all that spice and clean, crisp alfresco notes from the leaves and herbs. Am I right?

    Your balcony is like an oasis in the city. I know I've said it before but I bet it's great dining up there with the hustle, bustle of the city below.

    Funny how cats have no concept of vertigo.

  4. Everything looks so beautiful Marie. I didn't even notice the ac till you mentioned it.

    You make me wish I lived in an apartment with a's v. magical.

    SO hot here too. Just came home, living room holding at 80degrees, whoops up to 81. And tomorrow hotter.

    I believe all thee flowers in the garden have fainted.

    xo J.

  5. Typing with frigid fingers...if the landlord has repaired the clothes dryer you could suggest reflective paint. If not, maybe a folding clothes rack for the hot roof!

  6. Your rooftop is looking as pretty as ever!

  7. I zoomed into your fig tree. I wish mine looked as healthy but the leaves look stunted in growth and no fruit this year!!!!!!!!

    Any advise?

  8. Your balcony looks wonderful.. very relaxing, like a small garden.

  9. And your neighbors' is posssssibly insulated.

  10. I would very quietly paint it myself under cover of darkness and then dump the empty cans someplace else!
    YES let sleeping landlords lie!


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