Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flowers on the terrace

A brief afternoon rain shower made the colours on the terrace pop. 

The flowers of the second flush of Abraham Darby are a lot smaller than the first, but prolific.

Oreganum rotundifolium "Kent Beauty", better known as ornamental oregano, is a lovely thing. Its leaves smell quite strongly of oregano yet all sources say it is tasteless in cooking. I wonder. Not that I need any - I have two ordinary oregano plants ready to be sacrificed to the first leg of lamb that looks their way. Now if only I grew a Fage yogurt bush...


  1. If you come up with a Fage yogurt bush, I want a cutting! :)

  2. Stunning. I wish I had your eye for flowers.

  3. Kent beauty, aptly named, at least the beauty part. Grow it, love it, am entranced by the scent.

    Fage yogurt, cucumbers and dill, garlic, onion and lemon juice.

    I could eat every day.

    I could maybe eat those roses too.

    xo J.

  4. That is a striking oregano!

  5. I (in Ireland) am showing my mum (visiting us from South Africa) your beautiful pictures. Thank you, we really enjoyed them :)

  6. That ornamental Oregano is pretty in a subtle kind of way. of course your roses are beautiful. Count me in too with the Fage yogurt bush.

  7. When you try the ornamental oregano let me know what you think about the taste. I've never tried it but would love to know.

  8. I landed here via your interview on Shelter Pop. Instantly I felt guilt and lazy. My 3 year non-gardening excuse is a busy schedule and a dog that eats, chews and destroys any plant that a lizard dare sit upon! If she were not so cute and loveable, she would not get away with this behaviour! You have done all of this in 66 square feet in NY City!? Looking at your photos in amazement and reading your blog for nearly an hour - I am INSPIRED!


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