Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Greencard stamp in the Frenchie's passport! Actual card in two weeks in mail. Can travel with stamp. Are legal. Will not be kicked out.

Thank you so much for everyone's good wishes and thoughts and comments. I was thinking of people thinking of us while we were on the 8th floor of Federal Plaza with knotted stomachs, with rows of other nervous couples and families with lawyers. And it helped.

There were wigs and side curls, yarmulkes, kufis, djellabas, hijabs and jilbabs. Shiny new suits with labels still sewn on the cuffs, jeans, sensible stockings and high heeled boots. Spanish and Chinese and Arabic and Yiddish and Hipster. And a Frenchie (jeans, nice black shirt with collar, jacket, no tie). And me (old cream silk skirt, boots, cream turtle neck and coat)...

After an hour, in we went with Officer Nice.

Of me, How did we meet; of Vince, When was I granted citizenship; and of me again: What floor was Vince's apartment on in Vancouver, What street? Where had he lived before? Scuba instructor? So who certified him?

Me: Um...I haven't a clue?

A very formal officer. He had also scuba dived. He was certified. He described the whole experience, and then told us not to be offended by the following questions:

Is Vince now, or has he ever been, or is he planning to be, ... a prostitute?

No, says Vince.

'Snort, says Marie, then pulls herself together.

Has he ever been a member of a terrorist organization?

No, said Vince.

Marie looks at the floor.

Is he planning on committing any crimes?

No, says Vince.

There's fluff on the carpet, thinks Marie.

Has he ever planned the violent overthrow of a government or state.

No, says Vince, wondering whether Estorbo counts as a head of state.

Otherwise this is a very remarkably neat and anonymous office, thinks Marie.

Has he ever forged a document?

No, says Vince.

The lucky bamboo on the filing cabinet is very green, thinks Marie.

We are escorted back to the waiting area, wait ten minutes, and then Vince's passport reappears, stamped.

It's over.

Now it can begin.
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