Monday, January 18, 2010

Lunch under the tree

We arrived at No. 9 just in time for lunch.

A salad of prawns and leaves, and chicken liver pate for Vince. Sweet green melon and watermelon slices for dessert. My father opened a celebratory bottle of Moet, and we sat under the plane tree, rather stupified by blue sky, hot sun and our pale selves and stared at the garden beyond the cool of the large green leaves.


  1. That sounds great! Enjoy! Looking forward to the next post from a dark and gray Brussels.

  2. What beautiful colours...blues and greenish golds...

    You'll probably need a long sleep never mind just a nap after all the flying time.... at least now you're on the ground. Good ol' terra firma...the more firma, the less terra.... lol.....

  3. "we... stared at the garden..."? Was that it? From you, the plantswoman? You sound very jet lagged!

    Your public expects some detail when you're rested!

  4. really really lovely. i'm happy to see mom again, too.

    enjoy, knowing you can get frenchie back in.

  5. What a lovely welcome to your vacation...relax & enjoy your family & the calming affects of your adventures in SA!!

  6. Hi San - hang in there, spring will come soon!

    BV - you crack me up! I will quote you.

    Rachel, sorry! Garden posts coming up.

    Hey Donna - thank you :-)

    Camille - we do miss Vancouver, though...


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