Saturday, January 30, 2010


Corgi gardening assistants.

Blue and white agapanthus.

A hadeda - the local, suburban version of pigeons.

After a morning spent gardening for my mom, part of which involved standing in a bikini on a ladder, in the swimming pool, with gloves over my elbows (I don't do spiders), pruning ivy from the waterfall into the pool (it was complicated)...

...I braaied some little lamb chops with Ethiopian berber pepper, lemon and marjoram, heated some quiche Lorraines and made a salad of hearts of gem lettuce with the teeniest tomatoes I have ever seen, and a Verjus vinaigrette with a chopped leek from the garden.


  1. how pretty! takes my breath away...really!

  2. Your mom's garden is AMAZING!

  3. That's some big pigeon.

    Bikini, ladder, pool, spiders, gloves. Which of these words doesn't belong.

  4. Looks so Lekker, makes me lus. Enjoy !!

  5. Hi, this is a nice blog you have here! Re: your intro to 66 sq ft, I live in an apartment too, but have no balcony, and it's well protected from the sun, so I can't grow anything much there.

    I'll come back for more!

  6. Hmm, not your typical garden maintenance...sounds delightful.

  7. If I do garden maintenance too can I come? Please? It's snowing in Virginia. Help! Looks so beautiful there.

  8. What a beautiful garden, complicated maintenance and spiders notwithstanding! Wow! I love the agapanthus ... I used to grow both blues and whites whe I lived in Sacramento.

    But maybe you shouldn't let Estorbo see the picture of that pigeon(?) ... He'd have nightmares!


  9. not you too! I love hadeda but most of my fam/friends have your sentiments... :(in

  10. my god... i would never go back to new york.

    is giardia or other waterborne illnesses not a concern for the stream?

  11. Hi Ann Marie - it is a very lovely break from it all...

    I'll pass on the compliment, Kat...

    Fugedaboud it, Frank. Those hadedas are noisy, I'll see if I can find an audioclip. Is the word Spider?

    Broni - ons sal!

    Ellen - it was fun and challenging. But icky.

    m.heart - hope you're feeling better, m'dear.

    flwrjane - sure, come on down!

    Keli'i - heheh, yeah, he'd think about this pigeon :-)

    kbd - I like them, but there are more and more each year.

    Anonymoose- not so far. Never had been. Been drinking it since I was little. Touch wood.

  12. You don't "do" spiders. I am not good with ladders...hmmm, maybe we could negotiate?


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