Thursday, January 7, 2010

Terence Hill's beans in a stand off!

Photo: Sarah Shatz, for Food 52

Over at Food 52 my recipe for Terence Hill's Beans is one of two finalists in the Bean Recipe competition. It is up against Lentil and Sausage Soup for a Cold Winter's Night, which sounds pretty good. Members vote for the best recipe.

How exciting (the winning recipes will be published in Food 52's recipe book)!

It was Terence Hill's movie, My Name is Nobody, that inspired the bowl o' beans. A beautiful - he cleans up real good - man eating some beautiful beans... and it is one of my favourite cold weather suppers.

You can see the recipes here.


  1. Gosh Marie..that looks so good....I bought a beautiful bag of beans at the farmers market and then the heat wave hit..huh?

    if it EVER breaks....bean soup here...
    would love your recipe.....

    more later,friend


  2. Whoo hoo! So happy for you, and of course you got my vote. Can't wait to try these at home, soon.

  3. Put a smile on my face for the rest of the day! brought back many memories, thanks!

  4. Being just a stuped hen I couldn't manage to vote - they didn't like my password (which has changed so many times !) But congratulations - it IS exciting

  5. Look at you blazing new trails so early in the New Year! Congratulats, my vote is cast.

  6. Thanks Kary :-) I hope you get some winter...

    Jenn - Merci!!!

    Dalene - we used to get those spaghetti Westerns for my brothers' birthdays, and all the little boys would dress up as cowboys. It was my first profession of choice.

    No Hen, not stupeed. They want you to create a user name and password just for that site. xxx

    Dankie Arcadia - ek dink jou resepte sou tuis voel, daar.

    flwrjane - blazing trails with my stomach, yes. Thank you!

  7. Well done you! And OMG, those beans sound wonderful Poblanos make everything better (come to think of it, so do chipotles!). It always surprises me just how well a young Terence Hill scrubs up. Those eyes.... :o)


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