Monday, January 11, 2010

Promenade to Dumbo

A walk late yesterday afternoon to the Promenade. Next year, late summer - what will the new park look like? Right now it's a giant children's playground, with real trucks and cranes and building blocks. Across the river, the Frank Gehry, half-clad.

Below, the Brooklyn Bridge near the Fulton landing; we turned right and north to park between the bridges, which was, inexplicably, closed. Still, an Asian bridal party posed in the very below freezing cold, in bare-shouldered gowns and tulle.

Walking back along Front Street in Dumbo I showed Vince my favourite view of the Empire State Building.

No good for my little camera. His grown-up camera came out, with tripod, and the gloves came off. Then we had to go into Charbucks to get him hot coffee to warm his freezing paws.

Back along the Promenade into a bleeding sunset. I left Vince there, taking panoramic shots, and went to buy ingredients for supper. It was too cold to stand still.


  1. Lovely light, & love your view of Miss Empire.

  2. Freezing paws? Estorbo took those wonderful pictures? Why should we be surprised.....

  3. new york seems to be such an inspiring place to live! found your blog some days ago and already love it!
    greetings from switzerland

  4. What a great frame of the Empire State - gorgeous! Makes me wish I was there (although not sure about the temperature!!)


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