Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hope and Anchor

I hadn't eaten at the Hope and Anchor for years, and as Frank said in a comment on the previous post, the prices haven't changed. Hats off to that.

My basic breakfast of two eggs and toast and potatoes was $3.50. In New York City, people. Even if Red Hook is the country. Then I added bacon, and unnecessary sausage patties at $2 per item. The eggs came sunny side up though I'd asked for over easy, but who cared, really? My dad might have. He loves saying over easy. It's an American term that gives him joy. He would have liked the bacon. Crispy.

I had glass of very good sparkling blanc de blanc, for $7, and Vince had a Wisconsin Weissbier for $5 and the $8 Red Hook burger, which he pronounced very good. The sad salad that came with it was just that. Old and undressed.

Now that's a title for a Memoir!!!

Hope and Anchor
347 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

Breakfast all day...

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  1. I could eat breakfast all day, every day! It's one of my favorite meals. Something so satisfying about it, don't you think? I can only think of one really great place I'd like to eat that is close to home but the prices are not as good as yours! How did the bean contest turn out? Anxious to hear!


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