Saturday, January 2, 2010

Congress Street

Two unusually large Euonymous alatus (winged euonymous) between Court and Clinton, behind the catholic church, in today's dusting of snow. An invasive shrub, I forgive these two, as they have a lovely shape and gorgeous red fall colour. Every year someone hacks at their branches in an ignorant fashion, leaving protruding stumps, in an attempt to curtail their growth.

25'F/-3'C, and we are going for a walk.


  1. I have a small Euonymus alatus which, for 11 months of the year, is the dullest of the dull, dull plants til, as you rightly say, has gorgeous Autumn colour.

  2. just came from a walk through my my flip flops.....although it might sound just seems odd.....

    your walk looks lovely...wish i could take a snowy walk and come back and get all cozy..o well....california....


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