Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Blue

The red brick-sided flank of a part of the Long Island College Hospital looms over the terrace, and glows near sunset. It is the haunt of pigeons, some of whom you can see wheeling overhead. I rather like pigeons. But I think I must number in the minority...I would not go so far as feeding them, but I think they are pretty birds and I don't get the flying rat thing. Sometimes a little kestrel harries them, and eats their young, perched on an antique television aerial across the road.


  1. Marie...LOVE the birds..and i am with you..i never got the flying rat thing either...i just see beautiful birds...
    great photo, btw

    more later

  2. I think its the poop where they perch. Now if they could only use toilets:)

    I like their cooing.

  3. I saw a documentary once about the 'domestic life' of pigeons. Utterly vile nesting areas, with rotting rubbish, dead baby pigeons, droppings everywhere. It was hard to love them after that! Rats were unfairly compared to such filthy creatures.....

  4. Thanks, Kary - enjoy your steak!

    You can eat them, too, Frank...

    Rachel, I hope Vince doesn't read this. He loathes them.

    I don't mind rats, either. In theory.

  5. Too late, Vince has read it. :-)

  6. Love the clours. And yes, I think pigeons get a bad rap - I find them quite endearing (if astonishingly thick...!)


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