Saturday, January 9, 2010

Red Hook

Now that I'm getting used to New York in January, today seemed quite mild, at just below freezing. So I didn't bother to wear a scarf.

We headed south, down Columbia Street, on the other side of the sunken and roaring BQE, Vince with camera and new tripod loaded, me with my little Canon in right coat pocket, as always.

On the corner of Columbia and Woodhull, we hit the motherlode: four Airstreams parked on a lot, apparently abandoned. Still equipped with gas bottles, air conditioners...We stood and stared, and dreamed. They make my heart beat faster. They're just a little smaller than our apartment; the cat would learn to like it...


At 2.30 we decided to have something to eat at The Hope and Anchor. We left, warm and fed, and walked down past Van Brunt's empty warehouses, and docks full of containers.

Close to the water, behind Fairway, the air became a little...brisk.

The splashes on the rocks were frozen.

But the air was blue and sparkly.

A part of Red Hook preserving the Red Hookness of the place.

On an empty wharf we found secret water taxi parking, accessible, and quite unattended.

While Vince took proper pictures, I made friends with a flightless goose. The wing feathers were all shredded. Then a white guy loading a van bellows at me. Hey! What are you doing???

Who, me? I reply, like a cartoon. I'm taking pictures of a goose!

Oh. Well, this is private. There's a sign round the corner. That's our pet goose. It can't fly, he says, thawing a little.

I was freezing, though, and trotted into Fairway (for the first time, only knowing the Upper West Side branch) and looked for lamb for curry for dinner. Post to follow.

Vince found me, bundled our goodies into his backpack and we rushed back out to catch a cold sunset.

The light was quite beautiful.

We turned north again, to move from the wilds of Red Hook to tame Cobble Hill.

Final stop for the photographer, a block behind our house - the six lane ( I think) BQE. It's really extraordinary that we are usually not aware of it. If a breeze blows towards us, it's a dull roar, but otherwise, not a peep.

Time? Just before 5.

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