Monday, December 7, 2009

Dickson's chickens

Poor thing. This was one of the two Dickson's* chickens, bought at the Chelsea Market, and which I deboned yesterday. This one took about 25 minutes, the next 17. Not that I was timing myself, or anything. It's a gory business, intimate, and requires a very sharp little knife. The Opinels performed admirably, doing a tagteam as one lost its edge...

The meat of the chicken was not pale pink. It was red. I've frozen the carcasses for stock.

I stuffed them with quite large pieces of chicken of the woods, first sauteed in butter (ran out of olive oil: the unthinkable!). To these I added sauteed shallots, breadcrumbs, lemon zest, dried summer savoury and a little of the leftover gnocchi mix of spinach and ricotta.

Behold the tiny kitchen, overflowing with crystalized pomelo zest, resting chickens and sunchoke soup.

Note to self: the mushrooms were so delicious that I will go back and get some more to eat just like that, sauteed with salt and pepper, perhaps on soft polenta.

* Jake from Dickson's emailed me about the birds, after I asked what breed they were:

The chickens we get are a breed called the red cockerel. We get all of our poultry from a live poultry market in queens called Madani Halal. They source the birds from a few amish farms in PA on our behalf. Birds come into the city live every morning and we just call over and request what we need for the shop and they slaughter for us so they are very very fresh.
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