Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All America Rose Selections

...chose this picture of the roses on the corner of Congress and Henry Street in Brooklyn, to illustrate the urban rose. They were nice enough to ask for permission to use it, and linked to 66 Square Feet in 'payment'. It's one of my favourite pictures, so I was happy share.

I often wait for a cab to pass in New York before taking a picture. It instantly 'certifies' it...

Now I'm sure the roses I photographed are David Austen's, and I see none on the site, rose.org, which is apparently run by a not for profit association of rose growers, and is not the official site of All America Selections. Bit confusing. Their selection for the Northeast runs to five roses, all rather dreary, unless that is blasphemous. I have New Dawn, indeed (below), and have used The Fairy in a garden, en masse, but I am a little confused by their criteria.

What makes a good rose for a region?

Where do you live, what are your favourite roses, and why?
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