Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Adirondack

Clacketty-clack, don't look back. We're riding on Amtrack...

Many things to see. We chose the cleanest spots in the window, and pointed our cameras.

Still on Manhattan island.

Passing the George Washington Bridge.

Breaking out the first breakfast sandwich and strong coffee, hot and hot.

The Hudson the colour of liquid cement...

...freezing up as we moved north.

Moving into lake country.

Schenectady had its detractors.

Anything previously liquid, frozen.

Except Lake Champlain.

Icicles like white curtains on the cliffs.

We sat in the dining car and shared our fried chicken, drinking a Chilean merlot from the bar.

The sunset was long and spectacular.

And after it was gone we sat in the dark and waited for Canadian Customs to send us on our way. I watched The Wire on my laptop.

We nibbled the last sandwich, finished the Gummi Bears, and then we were in Montreal, eleven hours later.


  1. I love train travel. Now I want to go to Montreal too, it's been many, many years...

  2. Good thing there is always lots to see and photograph... that's a long time .... although not as long as my longest bus trip. 13 hours to go only 800 km.... arrrghh...and with my air ticket in my pocket. Planes were grounded for too many days and I had to get back from B.C> to Alberta.... or I never would have tried it.... ohhhhh... even the distant memory is painful....
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great Christmas in Montreal...

  3. Ooh, I do love a good journey from the comfort of my own home! Lovely photos. Train travel has to be the best way to go. I've been promised a trip to Montreal when I eventually make it to Canada - I hope you enjoy it.

  4. What beautiful pictures. I once turned myself completely around on the G W Bridge in an ice storm. I was 16 and new to driving.

    Have not seen a picture of Lake Champagne for a long time.

    I remember that, in Brooklyn, we used to have to get the snow off the steps and sidewalks at our brownstone and at my grandmother's very quickly or run the risk of a fine from the police. Is it still that way?

    It just thrills me to see you live and love and work and travel over the places of my youth and young adulthood. But you know that already.

    Have a wonderful holiday and be safe in all the travels that you are planning in the next weeks.


  5. You always capture moments so beautifully, your words and pictures.

  6. m. - you are probably more used to cold than I am, and once proper;y dressed, I'm fine! The rail trip in winter is spectacular.

    BV - sounds like a horror story! I had 13 hour bus trip once from Istanbul to Fethiye, through snow in the middle. Sounds similar.

    Rachel - there is great whale watching station nearer the mouth of the St Lawrence, the river in which Montreal resides...about 500km from here: Tadoussak. Go there! Skip Montreal, visit NYC :-)

    Donna - yes, the neighbours were out snow-blowing very early. Not sure about the fines, though...thank you for your good wishes. Right back at ya.

    Thank you David...


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