Monday, December 7, 2009

Iceberg in December

A cold, bold rose.


  1. When I see such beautiful things growing in the harshest of climes, it reminds me of those lyrics of Pete Seeger's:

    God bless the grass
    that grows through the cracks.
    They roll the concrete over it
    to try to keep it back.
    The concrete gets tired of what
    it has to do.
    So it breaks and cracks
    and the grass grows through!

    Stay warm and one question.....can you still rent skates and skate at Rockefeller Center?

  2. Thank you! What a great set of lyrics!

    Yes, you can still rent skates :-)

  3. Oh, my goodness.
    I forgot the last line....., God bless the grass!

    I just don't know why I am longing for Christmas time in NYC this year. Maybe it is because I am seeing NYC through your eyes instead of others who have a jaded outlook of New York!

    How about you go skating for me?

    I love your blog and your pictures and your outlook on life. Thanks from the Rocky Mountains!

    And, Happy Holidays!


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