Tuesday, December 22, 2009


...is 30 km from Montreal. From the slopes of Mont St. Hilaire (above), amongst the old apple orchards, Montreal is a cityscape on the horizon, rising from the white plain. The River Richelieu is frozen in the middle of Beloeil, anchored by the slim spires of stone churches on each bank.

We went for a walk in the woods. Windchill of -21'C was promised. I wore four layers plus a borrowed down coat with fluffy hood. Yes, Mommy, I know what you are thinking!

Beware the child behind you: Vince's nephew, Yann. He has many inventions planned, most involving hamsters. The only one I could sanction was a hamster-powered lawnmower, which fertilizes while it mows.

La famiglia: Vincent, Yann, Germaine, Vincent's mom.

The snow squeaked beneath our boots. We saw a woodpecker.

I was impressed by the cold. They said the weather was quite mild.

I fell in love with a birch tree. The most silky, beautiful bark...

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