Friday, December 25, 2009

Beloeil, the 'hood

The hood starts at home, of course.

I have met my salad match in Germaine, Vince's mom. She likes salad even more than I do. If that's possible. So lunch is a huge green salad, with an egg, garlic and cider and olive oil dressing. We introduced a South African red found at a local store. Not very good, I'm afraid. The rest of this one went into a cranberry sauce for the Christmas Eve turkey. Also Boursault cheese, never found in New York.

After lunch, in some rare sunshine, a walk.

Some orderly trees.

A missing cat.

Snow-heavy branches.

Small snowball with non-sticking snow.

And very pretty houses on the Rue Richelieu, next to the frozen river.

Happy Christmas.
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