Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's a clear, beautiful day after a windy, wet night.


  1. Very lovely, Marie...but, according to Estorbo, you "don't do mornings."
    (He's been very quiet -is he sulking in his stripey?)

  2. Me again! I've just seen Estorbo's new post.

  3. these are gorgeous marie...i thought it was paris for a minute...many wet sunrises...

  4. Estorbo lies through his crooked little teeth. But it is true that while I appreciate the clarity of a morning, I prefer to experience it in bed! I function better, later :-)

    Estorbo's behaviour has quite changed in his clothes. The clothes maketh the cat, it seems. He is now a lapcat. First time ever. I think he needs reasurance.

    Hi Deb - Paris in Brooklyn, hee.

    Frank - sleeting on us no, innit it?

  5. I'd like that little one
    for my gate...
    billowing clouds

    chisai no wa kado ni hoshisa yo kumo no mine


    by Issa, 1811

    Or: "I'd like those little ones..." Issa sees the little cloud (or clouds) as suitable for his small, humble hut.

    (your clouds aren't little, but thank you anyway)


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