Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Food what you make the night before Thanksgiving.

I will make ajo blanco, and Vince will make flan, and we will roast chestnuts.

Then we will get into our new, white, very high thread count sheets from the Macy's sale, to replace the very low thread count sheets I bought by accident, and then...

...we will go to sleep.


  1. Ok, so before the news break, I'll spill the beans...

    Ajo blanco: heavenly, as always.

    Flan: major catastrophe, inedible.


  2. It was edible. But I'm glad I'm not the only person who ever threw a hissy fit over recalcitrant pastry :-)

  3. Is this the Macy's store in the picture? I used to go there as a girl (when it was the ONLY Macy's) and will always remember the diorama's that filled each window. And the whole top floor was a Santa/Winter Wonderland. Including a Rudolph that talked to you and would tell you what you were wearing. Oh, it was just wonderful.

    That and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show are some of my fondest memories of Christmastime. Until you have been to and seen New York City at Christmastime, well...........

  4. Hi Mountain Thyme - yes, that is THE Macy's :-) - and each window had a diorama! If I had known about Rudolph, I would have visited the top floor. It is hard to be cynical about the Season around Macy' is the picture book Christmas setting.


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