Thursday, November 19, 2009

The boy in the giraffe suit

I don't link to other blogs' posts too often, but have to send you over to Thomas' A Growing Tradition for a happy story...

This little boy is going to grow up in a wonderful garden, with wonderful parents.


  1. marie, shame on you for not placing a warning: YOU WILL CRY AT YOUR DESK UPON READING THIS ONE.

  2. Wow, I read this wonderful story and only at the end, in the comments, did I read: "Thank you dear Thomas for sharing this..." Wait a second. What?
    I read the whole thing thinking it was a woman writing... now I went and read it again knowing it was a man...
    The child will be well.
    I wish I could adopt every mistreated baby in the world! And beat up their parents myself.
    I had no idea Mass. embraced same sex parents for foster families. Go Mass!

  3. I second Sigrid. And the greatest reminder is the equivalent of "Charity begins at home."

    Practise love and kindness at home.


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