Friday, November 6, 2009

USS New York

Fighter jets over the Hudson tomorrow, loud cannon booms from the USS New York. A celebration, so don't jump out of your skins.

I have to say my blood runs cold on the rare occasion when I see or hear an F16 overhead. It brings back the time when they patrolled the sky in pairs, too late, on that beautiful morning.

Apparently the ship's bow is built from 7 and 1/2 tons of World Trade Center steel and the ship's motto is, "Strength through sacrifice. Never forget."

I find this more than a little troubling.

Vince visited the warship last week (he's now flat on his back, sick...bad vibes?) and was impressed by the demeanour and helpfulness of her crew. He'll post about it when he's functioning again. He and I are nostalgic for people who say please and thank you, who stand aside and who stand up straight. Of our stomping grounds, neither the entitled sidewalks of Cobble Hill, nor the hood on the LES, is a fertile hunting ground for a person searching for humans who practise deference, or unfettered, disinterested kindness.


  1. I am troubled too. I find lasting strength in diplomacy and justice. And I often feel out of step with the status quo. Sigh.

  2. I agree about the troubling aspect. The ship's website makes it look like the motto might as well be "might makes right." I hope Vince is feeling better soon!

  3. Well, so far, some of us (I am sure there are more!)seem to think the Twin Towers steel is a bit of a worry.

    Hope Beence has not picked up the latest flu wave.

  4. i was a military brat, so i've have always had issues with men in uniforms (and what they stand for). but a marine bought the house across the street from us over a year ago. and i am so impressed by he and his friends loyalty to one another, and now to us. their political views are way different, but they are well educated, well traveled, been exposed to many more cultures than i am likely to be, and have a lot to share. they are generous, courteous and funny. now try to listen up and judge the man, now the uniform. they have made my world bigger.

  5. sorry, should read, now i try and listen, not judge! not you.

  6. We live in an age of entitlement. Nowhere is that more evident than in the fertile grounds in which you stomp.

  7. I was mostly irritated by the news telling us that a warship and fighter jets weren't an attack on NYC.

    How insulting. We can tell the difference between this event and a low flying jet coming at NYC as happened this summer!

    Oh, geez, terrorists now have a warship and airforce!

    As if the emotional moment was never understood.


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