Sunday, November 8, 2009

What winter evenings are for

(Does that mean it's winter?)

Last things on a dark Sunday at 6pm: the old fashioned raisin bars are on top of the stove, cooling, waiting for lemon juice icing. Some for us and some for work. Bevan's spinach gnocchi are in the fridge, firming up before being rolled into shape. Our champagne flutes are waiting for more Veuve Clicquot (thanks Eric!) - to which I added a little sugar with Angostura bitters....Vince is asleep on the daybed. We drank our glasses of bubbly and talked about our trip. Botswana's Okavango delta, the Kruger Park, and all points inbetween were floated. The delta is a bit far-fetched. Which makes me smile. It's deeply expensive now to stay there the way most people do, but recently I read in Go! that an overland do-it-yourself way is possible. But there are lots of Ifs. That's a lot of gas. Gas is cheap here. It ain't there. And we 'd need a car. If not the 4 x 4, the Volkswagen bus. V. pointed out that we can sleep IN the bus if animals are an issue. It's very far. We sipped champagne sitting cross-legged in our jeans, and planned and dreamed.


  1. You guys know how to do it up right..I ALMOST made gnocchi today...went in search of new towels instead..but did manage to make stuffed shells for dinner...

    Let me say this first. I can't stand poseur type people..One -uppers and all that. But with so much Africa talk I can't help not mentioning my best friends dad was an ambassador for President Reagan in the early 1980's in Botswana. I don't know who cares..just a FUN FACT I guess....


  2. Kary, they were great. First try, and quite happy. I'll have to post the recipe.

    I wonder what it was like being posted to Gaborone? Reagan's ambassador. Wow.

  3. Its bery bery far - but that delta is surely one of the wonders of the world? And you're now a camper. Go in a veHicle that you can sleep in.


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