Friday, November 13, 2009

Only because's Arcadia, am I doing a meme. First and only.

1. Three best movies you've watched recently.

Coco before Chanel or September Issue?
The Lady and the Tramp. When Disney had a soul, and was un-pc enough to make those gloriously awful cats.
The Wire. So it's TV. Like it's never been written before.

2. Three favourite songs at the moment.

I'm going through a silent phase.

3. Favourite dessert.

Creme caramel. Reminds me. Dinner tomorrow night. Must buy milk.
Or a plate of ripe figs

4.(a) Two physical characteristics you like about yourself.

Ag, no man. The way I sneeze? My back.

4.(b) Two physical characteristics you like in a significant other.

Hands. Voice (it is physical).

5. The most unforgivable thing anyone could do is: [but I really don't get forgiveness, in the same way that I don't get having this one is hard]

So...Hurt someone I love? Hurt a child? Hurt...anyone?

6. If you were to dress someone up as yourself they would be wearing...

Boots. Jeans.
Or a 50's-ish sundress.

7. Three favourite magazines:

This one is going to be extinct soon.

edible Brooklyn
and edible Manhattan - print edition free, though the Manhattan one seems always to cost money.
go! or weg! - via subscription
New Yorker, online

8. A new favourite bad habit:

9. Dream house:

Skylights or tin roof for rain. Space for garden. Long table for friends.


  1. Love the new pic, can feel soft sand and smell the kelp, could use a glass of something about now, Ms. V is exhausted after the crises of the week, Testing! Testing! (literally!)
    Heppie naweek, julle, Tannie gaan jol...

  2. The way you sneeze!! Intriguing :)


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