Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roast chicken

Below: burned my wing tips there...oh dear. Truth is, I like crunchy wing tips. Perhaps there's a support group for that. Give me the wings, some skin and the oysters, and I'm a happy chicken. Yup, that's the other thing. My mother calls me Chicken. The potatoes above were under the chicken (not me) while it roasted, and you can see that the inner circle is quite white (er...does that reflect our society too???). While the chicken rested (not long enough, should have sat a full 12 minutes, I reckon) I popped the cast iron pan back into a 500' oven and crisped them up.

I made pan gravy out of the scratchings, some water, and a little cream and demi-glace I had hanging around. It was comforting, brown food.
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