Thursday, November 26, 2009

Growing a fig tree

And on AOL's ShelterPop blog, in the Gardening and Home Section, my fig's story.


  1. I've been envious of your fig growing since I stumbled onto your blog several months ago, from a image search for a particular plant. I decided then that if you can grow a fig tree in Brooklyn, then perhaps I can grow one too, in Boston. I am hopeful.

    Do you know the variety of your fig?

  2. Hi John - unfortunately my fig's background is murky, and the people who grew it could not tell me what cultivar it was. Boston is colder, obviously, but in a protected spot, or pot that can be moved, I predict a good chance of success if you use a fig from a local grower. In the linked ShelterPop story there is more info about growing in a pot...

  3. Lovely piece on how to grow a fig!

  4. That fig article should answer a lot of questions and hesitations. I am tempted to try one in a tub here.(Of course, mine will need to be moved out of tropical rains, not snows!)


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