Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garden Walk Buffalo

Ever heard of it? I had, but until this year had made no plans to visit. Buffalo seemed so...off the map.

If you don't know, Buffalo is in New York State, far, far west, between Lakes Erie and Ontario, where it is very snowy and cold. The beech hedge that was planted this summer on Mr Anderson Cooper's roof came from Schichtel's Nursery in Buffalo. The fact that the beeches had made it through winter there made me fairly confident that they could make it through a New York City winter on top of a tall building.

So. Why am I visiting two weeks before the Garden Walk?

In a link, Garden Bloggers Buffa10. It is the annual garden bloggers get together, two weeks before the Garden Walk proper (July 24-25), so in a sense, a sneak preview. The dates are July 8-11th.

I'm going to see how the idea of the Garden Walk developed, how it can be exported, and to make le blogging about it of course! Shelterpop will be running my updates and pictures live; I'll post here, obviously, and I hope to come away with good stories of people and plants.

Last year it was in Chicago, a city famous for its green initiatives, and I think I was just too shy to go. I like talking and chatting and dinner parties with nice people, in theory. When it gets down to the nitty gritty of getting out the door and meeting new people, I tend to panic. Invisibly. I don't come across as the panicky type. I have also never liked the idea of clubs and cliques and societies, and break out in hives at the thought of organized socializing. But after giving talks early last year to the Cape Horticultural Society, and to the Constantia Garden Club, my feelings started to mellow. I realized that the resource of a wealth of collective knowledge is the reward for hanging out with like-minded humans. And that gardeners don't bite. They just stab you with a pair of Felcos: quicker and cleaner.

A special rate for garden bloggers attending is being offered at the Embassy Suites, at $129 a night per room, and the details are on the Buffa10 blog. Bloggers interested in sharing rooms can contact each other via the blog, too. The rate is valid for bookings until the end of April, then will go up. It is not a boutique hotel, it's huge. Despite its hugeness it's in the middle of the garden walk area. There is a free happy hour, and breakfast. And, most importantly Internet. It will be an adventure.

Not sure how I'll get there. Plane? Nah. Train? Maybe...car? Probably. I'm quite sure there will be sharing and pooling, too.

So. Who's coming?????

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