Saturday, September 15, 2012

Slow spinach crossing

One spinach seed germinated. Just one. I wonder why. It lives a life of green solitude, with only a little nicotiana for company (which evaded my weeding). The seeds were sown about 4 weeks ago. Slow and solid.

Meanwhile the fava beans are beginning to break the surface, the rainbow chard are all up, and so are the dwarf kale and the salad mix. Waiting for the peas. Tomorrow I'll take out another tomato - the Brandywines are now well and truly pooped - which will leave space for...parsnips?

Such a long wait, for parsnips. February.

And tomorrow? A true holiday. We're Zip Car-ing to the North Fork. I haven't been anywhere in weeks and not out of town proper for months, and Vince is hungry for water. So it's a little blue vacation. I hope it will be blue.

It's one of the bluest places I've ever seen. If I had a star I'd wish upon it for a house, there.


  1. Germination this year on spinach has been iffy for me as well. Got to wonder about the viability of the seed.

  2. Bloomsdale spinach from BI? I've planted 27 seeds at various times since mid-August: 0 plants.

    I remember your North Fork trip and that granular, raw sugar beach.

  3. Interesting...

    John, I think it was Seed Savers. It was an impulse buy. The others are BI. Stupidly, I threw the packet away. One seed out of a packet came up.

  4. I loved your ocean blog. I hope you have a blue-sky-blue-ocean day tomorrow. I am having a quiet September lake day - the birds are louder with all the people gone and the gun-metal-gray clouds are hurtling over leaving nothing behind. This afternoon, on the way to the city, a stop at a country bee farm to shoot showy goldenrod with passengers.

  5. North Fork - b. yoo. ti. ful. :)
    (Wish for a house there for me too!)


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