Tuesday, September 22, 2009

North Fork

..aka Freedom.

Yesterday we drove out to the North Fork of Long Island to pick up some perennials for a garden that was to be planted in SoHo today (post tomorrow), and to scout for some special shade plants for the Tribeca terrace in afew weeks. No matter how industrious or thorough one thinks one is, seeing new plants is often the best inspiration for planting an interesting garden that works through the seasons.

It's a long trek: 2 hours and 100 miles from Manhattan, but it pays back in terms of results. I think.

And    my    father   says: Results count. 

Boy, did we hate hearing that.

After driving and walking through all of Jim and Joanne Glover's fields, taking copious notes and lots of pictures, squeaking at various Interesting Things, and picking up my agastache, calamintha, nasella and pennisetum for the SoHo terrace, Vince and I drove another ten minutes to a beach he'd found on a map.

We could not have imagined how perfect it would be.

There were a few houses, whose owners I envied.

There were six people on the beach , propped up in chairs, facing the September sun.

And there was the water. Clear. Blue. Green. Crystalline. I had not expected this colour or quality facing the Long Island Sound, and the mainland many miles across from us, but we were at the very tip of Long Island, so the Atlantic has plenty of space to wash in.

A swimming section was cordoned off, below, the buoys making a lovely line in the water.

We were seeing it on a weekday after Labor Day, so Summer's Over, was the feeling. Perhaps in season it is mobbed. But it was so clear, quiet and beautiful, that the hour or less that we spent having lunch, lying listening to the water, and walking to look at the water-washed stones, felt like a long gentle medicine that I didn't know I needed.

We did not have swimsuits and didn't want to offend the locals. We did not know we would find this place.

Our picnic was basic, and we'd picked up a local Pinot Noir from Duckwalk Vineyards for a glass each before driving back.

Burrata and tomatoes with terrace basil on ciabatta, some prosciutto, Persian cucumbers with salt...

We lay back and listened.

And breathed in.

And out.

And were very happy.


  1. Reading this post and gazing at that water did *me* good... I can imagine what a short, intense burst of good medicine it was for you.

  2. One of my favorite spots, the very tip of the North Fork. When the tide is out, you can walk out to a pin point.

    As with all things LI, it used to be less trafficked. But still, Orient Point, all the way, park the car, go down the dirt road, past the last house on the right (shuttered), toward the cable crossing, the light house out there...

    Many memories. Excited to be taken there.

  3. Oh, that far out is never mobbed. Really.

  4. Your photos are glorious. That blue sky is so inviting. Thanks for sharing your medicine!

  5. I can almost smell that air! (And isn't that last pic like angelica.)

  6. Thanks, Marie! I really needed that!


  7. Dear Marie, Was "Results count" followed by "Excuses Don't?" I tell my students this is what my Daddy told me... also remember standing on his big shiny shoes as he waltzed me round.... you inspired me to bring life to my urban deck 15X45 now adorned with large sapphire shower duranta - an impulse buy that withstood the lake winds valiantly.. and brought me butterflies.. Judi

  8. Sounds like the perfect work day. I like being able to experience it vicariously at my desk. I love the farms and vineyards in Long Island. Maybe the next time I'm down there (during the off season of course) I'll swing by the beaches.

    And beautiful pics, Marie!

  9. wow. live baby live...i love that parto flong island and you've captured that weekend after labor day feeling that exists there so perfectly-
    also, when i get home we are totally having a picnic. i'll bring the velveeta. you get the picholines...

  10. Frank: we weren't that far north, stopped in Peconic. Orient Point sure sounds nice, though...

  11. Sounds like you've found a little slice of heaven & only an hour away...how wonderful! I love the photos, especially the last one of the gorgeous opalescent rock...did you leave it on its homeland or take it as a beautiful reminder of a perfect day?

  12. ..."and were very happy". No wonder.

  13. *sigh* gorgeous! i could smell the salt air, practically taste it on my lips, from those photos. What a totally perfect day! It still would have been beautiful if the skies were sullen grey and the beach was lashed by rain, but how much nicer that you were able to sit there in the sunshine for a bit and take it all in. Did you bring the lovely pebble and edible slip of seaweed home?

  14. Beence,

    From Baiting Hollow all the way to the point...all good, empty, deserving.


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