Tuesday, September 8, 2009

East End Avenue at 88th Street

This is the view over a garden plot outside Gracie Mansion, the mayor's official residence. But he doesn't live there. This bright planting is around a huge vent area, and is quaint in a very naive way. Second time today I've used that word.

Morning glories. Invasive weeds with gorgeous, pick-me-up flowers.

Flopping helianthus and a stunning sedum. And a grate.

And the cat's whiskers: cleome.


  1. oh, dear. i was going to plant morning glories along a fence. to use the word of the day, is that naive? how far do they travel?

  2. It's wearisome, isn't? What we may and may not plant. Should and should not. In SA it's BAD, because we don't have frosty, killing winters, in general. It's better here. They will go as far as they drop/blow/roll and then pop up forever. But I wouldn't lock you up for planting them.

  3. So ah, no, they're not invasive. In the Northeast...in the homeland, yes.

  4. So...is the huge vent area a place where we plant-y people can come to "vent" the spleen?
    Had I known I could have posted here instead of at my place!

  5. I'd like to think that the common name for that gorgeous cleome is Cat's Whiskers. Is it?

  6. Hi Marie - Thanks for the feedback on my blog. I have responded there. Hope you are well?

  7. ok, i will plant the morning glories. i will perform absolvent autumnal pulling up of the nightshade on my property and tackle the japanese knotweed in my gym's parking lot like i promised the owner. and 3 hail mary's.

  8. Japanese Knotweed makes the BEST honey. If there are honey bees in the neighborhood, of course.

  9. Cleome! why the heck don't i ever get around to planting those?! They would look great along the side wall of my house next to the wild goldenrod. I've got morning glories all over (courtesy of my friends the birds)...including twining around my tomato plants...maybe because they've reverted to a more wild type they seem to spread but not develop huge strangling vines.

  10. Beence: naive, but I used it while I was venting.

    Dinahmow, nyanyanyanya. Invented that.

    Rachel - I call it cat's whiskers, started when I was small. So let's both call its cat's whiskers!

    Hi Expats, thank you, I am very well, so far.

    Donna, I think you can jam from the nightshade. Tell me what happens if you chew the morning glory seeds :-) I am such a drug wuss.

    Hi Margot - did you get my mail? Poor honey bees. I get excited whenever I see one, now.

    Paula, cleome are easy to just sow and forget about, and very nice opening up through other stuff.


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