Monday, September 7, 2009

Shuffle the sausages*

It was the trip to Zum Schneider that did it, instilling a yearning...and Vince feeling poorly, with the itches:

I bought a swine's worth of sausages from Wholefoods on Friday - and I thought Coleman Andrews, all of him, was buying several chickens beside me, but not 100% sure - anyhoo: two Weisswurst, three Bratwurst, and some Irish bangers for good measure (what was he going to do with the chickens?)

Dutifuly I googled how to cook the German sausages, never having tried, and consequently poached the Weisswurst, poached and then browned the Brats, and did what I'd seen my mother do on the one wonderful day in the school week when sausages and eggs were for breakast. The oats porridge days were bleak indeed. Gah. On sausage days my father taught me to slit my banger and pour a tiny dollop of HP sauce in the middle. Bliss. That was about the extent of our breakfast conversation.

Friday's sausages were pretty good, and I still loved the bangers best. The Brats next. Weisswurst is so...weiss. We had extraordinarily delicious brown bread called Iggy's 7 Grain, also from Wholefoods. Nutty, moist, unusually good. A supper in its own right. Plus sweet cream butter and mustard, and a schmear of HP for the bangers.

Beer, of course. Weihenstephan ...

* Shuffle the sausages: Chris Langham on the Muppet Show, in the funny, innocent days before he was arrested for possession of child porn.
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