Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Roof garden lawn

From my early schematic on paper to real lawn under my toes...nine months.

I am rather happy with how this rooftop garden turned out.

I checked on it today as we have some pests on the beech trees - spider mites - and took the opportunity to walk barefoot on the soft, lush lawn. In the idea above, I had more gravel planned for a kitchen garden, but the owner preferred more grass, and so the main herb and fruit area became green.

I wish this box hedge, below, would grow faster...but we will wait.

To help the lawn along I've been a bit of a lawn Nazi myself (not the kind that advocates ripping out lawn and replacing it with vegetables) and am insisting on a plank for the next couple of weeks. No squishing!

Now it needs a serious trim. The smell of cut grass on the 12th floor.
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