Monday, September 28, 2009

Glover Perennials, North Fork

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Last week's trip to the North Fork of LI seems a long time ago. Time, she speeds up.

Jim was kind enough to drive me to the grassy section where he deposited me after loading up my very small order for the SoHo garden ( he told me he'd just sold 900 Nasella tenuissima...I picked up 6, blush).

I walked back, at leisure to poke about about carefully amongst the smorgasboard of perennials, and walking at the edge of the exposed greenhouses, listening to the choirs of crickets in the clumps of drying grasses, yellow-blooming golden rod and asters, and seed-forming Queen Anne's Lace.

I was looking for semi-shade candidates for the Tribeca garden, so was quite distracted by the clematis in bloom. This is their second flush, after June-blooming. I wantsss them. Below, Clematis 'Ken Dodson'.

Yup, Jackmanii...

So beautiful.

Back in the shade tents, a South African selaginella cultivar: Selaginella kraussiana 'Brownii'. Very cute for close-up stuff.

Thelypteris decursive-pinnata (easier to say if your tongue is coated with honey) - Japanese beech fern. Nice form. I want that.

And a favourite of mine, Dryopteris erythrosora 'Autumn Brilliance'...The golden chartreuse in the background is a Japanese ribbon grass, 'All Gold', and it is. I prefer it to the variegated 'Aureola'.

Pokeweed in berry in the thickets around the greenhouse frames. So edible-looking.

Queen Anne's lace...

And Solidago - golden rod, tall and heavy with flowers and bees.

Asters - never sure which they are. Ericoides? Light as confetti.

The last two are in my brain now, for fall bloomers, as I'm finalizing the plant list for Le Park, season by season. In the end I decided on native. The question is... native is native?


  1. I never, ever get into those non-invasive native vs. non-invasive non-native vs. invasive native vs. invasive non-native discussions. Too controversial and ultimately too philosophical. I always stumble over, among other things, native back to when? Native to before Europeans came to the Americas? Native to before the American Indians (aka Native Americans) migrated here? Good luck to professionals who have to make those decisions. I plant what the deer won't eat.

  2. I have just applied a cold compress to my brow...

  3. Please resist the temptation to eat the poke berries! the robins and mockingbirds here love them, and then sit above my car to digest...

  4. Paula, will do. But then, if I did eat them, I would try not to sit above your car and digest :-)


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