Monday, September 17, 2012

Free tickets to The Edible Garden Festival, NYBG

If you live in the hood...

The New York Botanical Garden's Edible Garden Festival will be held on September 23rd, and the NYBG has offered a pair of tickets, worth $60, for me to give away.

The tickets will give you and a friend admission to the gardens, admission to the Edible Gardens Festival and to Mario Batali's 4.30pm cooking demonstration on Sunday, September 23rd.

And HOW is a winner chose? As usual, it is faultlessly scientific:

Please suggest a collective noun to describe a collection of late summer produce such as the "..." of peppers and tomatoes pictured above. It could be informed by weather, caterpillars, ripeness, nostalgia, menus, anything. Go to town. Er...the farm! And by all the means spread to the word to locals who might like to go. Best one wins.

Fire away. Two entries allowed per person. Deadline is 9am EST, 18 September. I will announce the winner at 3pm on the 18th. Please check back on the blog, then.

What do I get out of this, you ask, in the interests of transparency?

Nada. Zip. Rien. Sweet Fanny Adams. Not even a red whisker from Batali's beard.

But I will have that new collective noun.

(By the way, if you'd like to play but know you can't attend - that pesky airfare - just add your state or location in the comment so that I know not to consider you for the tickets...)
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