Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall, at last

After a false start in July, autumn seems back on track.

This clematis seeded itself. I have no idea where the parent lives. Perhaps somewhere in the neighbourhood, or perhaps the seedlings arrived with the New Dawn, when it was a big pink tee pee full of flowers, fresh from Martin Viette nursery, on Long Island.

The fall anemones are ready to bloom again, too -  the ones that did not succumb to the fungus that attacked one plant. And the hardy begonias have fattened up and are opening daily. I was worried that by September there would be nothing left, but so far it has been a lovely month - cool, and blue, with the attendant garden flowers.

(I looked to see if I had ever written post about the rose when it arrived, but I started this blog the following year. I did find this one, written a few days after I started writing this blog. It is a bit spooky in its prescience. I had not met Vince, yet, but would, a few months later. I think I met him because I was happy. With myself. For once.)


  1. Marie I love the smell of wild clematis but it is just that, Wild! Not as bad as kudzu but close. Sends out stealth runners so yours could have sneakily snaked over from another roof top. Don't laugh, it's possible! Enjoy it but don't turn your back.

  2. Hi Katie - No, not possible with runners, here - rooftops inbetween. Unless it went through floors and ceilings. I mow down its seeds every year to prevent its is invasive.

  3. I love the rose post.. noo-ness, hope.

  4. I spotted a few blooms on a lilac this morning. Crazy growing season.

  5. Just read your other post, from 2007. Lovely rose picture there.

    I met my now boyfriend as I was happy, too. I imagine that being in a wrong state of mind leads to the not so right persons. Not meaning bad persons, as such. Just the wrong ones for us.

    It's always nice reading the blogs of you three.

  6. Isn't great to have this easily searchable log of life, pictures, goings on? I look back and see the undeveloped writing and pictures, those seeds of things to come. How you've grown through it.


  7. I was also inspired to look back to the start of your blog and have been slowly reading through it. I'm now in April 2008 and am so moved by the story of your growing relationship with your husband, and by the development of your terrace. I can't wait to see your book!

  8. Sara - :-)

    Terri - LILACS?!

    Hi Jurate - yes, I agree...

    Beence - indeed. x

    Thanks Frank - yeah, sometimes it's a bit embarrassing...

    puccagrl :-) - If you are reading from the beginning (it's a funny feeling...thank you) - the layout will be messed up. Sorry about that. When Blogger revamped itself the old posts got jiggled around and I just can't go back and fix them all, though I try when I link back to one.


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