Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boerewors and tomato sauce

Go ahead and call this "hearty." And then it went on top of spaghetti.

This is boerewors, made at Los Paisanos, now tuned to a good recipe. Taken out of its casing and sliced into bits. Browned, and then added some very flavourful rooftop tomatoes*, and thin slices of garlic, sauteed gently in olive oil. Yes, you could use other sausage. But you'd lose the coriander/clove richness of these.

The last time I made something like this was when I was at university in Cape Town, and housesitting one winter for my cousin Andrea and her husband Jonathan in the suburb of Rondebosch East. It was winter, cold, wet. The garden in the back where Jonathan was growing leeks also produced lots of  thyme, which I drank in a tea in copious quantities when I came down with flu. It fixed me. Thyme = thymol = potent stuff.

There was special boerewors made by a special butcher in the deep freeze. The sausage was in the deep freeze. Not the butcher. I say deep freeze because it was a long behemoth that lived in the garage. I think Andy said I was welcome to "some" of the boerewors.

I think...I think I ate it all.

I am still embarrassed. It was very good.

Sorry, Coz.

*This works very well with canned tomatoes, too. Just crush them well.

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